What to Look for in Your New Office

These days, workers are more keen on their rights and have different priorities beyond blind loyalty when it comes to sticking with a company for the long run. Whether you are a job seeker who is unsure of what to look for at your new prospective workplace or you run an office and want to see what brings in more hires, here are some necessities to keep an eye out for.

Safety and harassment measures

This factor covers both prevention and reaction measures, from workplace harassment training videos to actions taken when a report is filed. People want to feel protected in their workplace. If there is a culture developed that makes anyone feel uncomfortable, this can affect the quality of work that is produced and can take a hit on the workforce’s morale.

In 2016, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported over 6,000 harassment cases filed, resulting in up to $40 million of non-litigation output for victims. That is a troubling statistic that has caused a higher tension for workers looking out for harassment. The most significant way to prevent such behaviors is by putting into place measures that denounce it and fostering a system that justly punishes inappropriate acts regardless of age, gender, and race.

Protection also falls under the right to refuse work if the worker feels unsafe. Make sure your office recognizes this right if there are calamities, sketchy circumstances without the proper gear, and the like. Action can be taken if the office doesn’t understand this despite the worker having a cause.

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Work-life balance

A survey by Mercer has shown that the majority of employees across multiple industries value work-life balance, especially if they are parents. These working parents make up 80% of those who strive to have a healthy balance when considering their career options.

Providing such a thing by giving benefits and a forgiving timeframe of work has shown to boost productivity and increase the likelihood of workers sticking with a company for a longer amount of time. It works hand in hand with ensuring that employees are getting proper compensation for their work.

After all, spending hours on projects and overtime without having much incentive for it can lead to dissatisfaction and lower motivation. Providing offset hours and flexible options can help establish a working habit that is more beneficial for both the company and its employees.

A conducive environment

Aesthetics have been shown to affect much more than just how good your company site looks. Having a good appearance by incorporating plants, natural airflow, and pleasing architecture has proven to do wonders in helping productivity levels in the office.

If you choose the right color scheme, installations, and furniture, it can significantly lessen the stress felt by employees and even encourage more work and collaboration. Research from the Karolinska Institute had revealed that those with psychologically demanding job placed aesthetic value above ergonomic factors when it came to what was important to them in their workplace environment.

The health and wellbeing of employees can be greatly improved with something as simple as a thoughtful change in lighting and placement of art pieces and desks.

With those in mind, you can genuinely create a workplace that is more welcoming to everyone and make things more efficient in the long run.

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